2 Step Presenation Step

2 Step Presenation Step


You are an International Student Recruitment Team for Hanson College BC (Employess, not students). Your college is interested in targetting  Bangladesh for your potential Marketing campaign for Winter 2023 Admissions. 

You are given a target to recruit atleast 300 students in onsite recruitment event.

Prepare a 2 step presenation 

 Step 1- Presentation For Local Educational Partners. B2B (Use staregies to establish a longterm partenership)

2- Presentation for Student Recruitment event and include all the information that can help students make an informed choice about studying abroad generally and studying at your college specifically. (About us, Why us, Requirements, Competitive Edge etc) ( B2C Presentation)

The assignmetn must be based on  Professional Selling Strategies and Principles. 

All presenters will Present their part individually in a seperate submission. 

 A submission folder will be set up for Group Presentation Powerpoint file submission. 

A student will get grades only if he/she has participated in both activites. 

RFERENCES IN APA FORMAT ARE REQUIRED, although Information from Hanson Website will  NOT be counted for Plagiarism.

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