2000 Word Essay Based

2000 Word Essay Based

Start by reading and following these instructions:

Create your Assignment submission and cite your sources, use APA style as required, and check your spelling.


Primary Assignment (100 points)

7S Model and Stakeholder Analysis & Ethical IssuesDevelop a 1750-2000 word essay based on a force field analysis framework. What should be done here is to delineate a list of specific helping forces (remember – forces extant at the time of your analysis – not ‘wished for’ forces) and hindering forces that will likely influence the ultimate success of your recommendations within the context of your project. This force field analysis should be populated with the results of your analysis of the 7S factors and your stakeholder analysis. In this way, the 7S model tool, other tools noted in the previous resource section, and certainly stakeholder analysis will be critical variables likely to influence implementation.

Organize your report using the following sections:

  1. Likely helping forces or forces likely to support or otherwise facilitate successful implementation. Remember, these could be any of the 7S model factors, or they could have to do with key stakeholders who are likely to be essential initiative supporters. Make sure to provide enough elaboration so that each force is specifically described in detail enough for someone not familiar with your organization to understand. This should also be done with the hindering forces noted in the next section. 
  2. Likely hindering forces. Again, drawn from your 7S model and stakeholder analysis. 
  3. Your plan on leveraging the helping forces to help promote the successful implementation of recommendations. (See action plan summary of force field analysis document above if you would like to use this template format. It is not required.) 
  4. Your plan on mitigating the negative influence of likely hindering forces. (See action plan summary of force field analysis document above if you would like to use this template format. It is not required).
  5. Ethical Issues are pertinent to your project analysis and/or recommendations.

*Hi, please keep in mind the topic of this capstone project is: CYBER SECURITY and how it can impact today’s healthcare system and the future, thank you*

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