3Y 2

3Y 2


Miller/O’Neill/Hyde: Prealgebra and Introductory Algebra, 1st Ed. (McGraw Hill)

Week 2 covers these sections from the text: 

Chapter 1

  • Exponents, Algebraic Expressions, and the Order of Operations

Chapter 2

  • Multiplication and Division of Integers

Chapter 4

  • Simplifying Fractions
  • Order of Operations and Complex Fractions

Chapter 12

  • Exponents: Multiplying and Dividing Common Bases
  • More Properties of Exponents
  • Definitions of b0 and b−n
  • Scientific Notation
  • Multiplication of Polynomial

Chapter 15Introduction to Roots and Radicals

  • Simplifying Radicals


Discussion A Questions Week 2


  • In the announcement area there should be a listing with your name and number assigned forthe discussion questions. If you do not see this list, email your instructor to get your assigned number.
  • Please use #40 until you receive your own number.
  • Access your textbook this way: Go to Content. Click on the week you’re working on. Scroll down to Week # Homework or Week # Quiz. A new page will open. You are now in the ALEKS system. Select the menu in the upper-left corner (it looks like three dashes). Select Textbook and then E-Book. You can also access the E-book when you are in Learning Mode (i.e. when you are working through your topics in the ALEKS Homework) by clicking on the E-Book icon to the right of any problem.
  • Please provide the question, your answer, and all of the steps and processes you used to solve your problem. Be sure that your work is your own.  You may post revisions based on your instructor’s feedback by the end of each week.
  • Do not solve another student’s problems. Each student must be graded on his/her own work.

Multiply and simply the resulting expression with positive exponents.  (X^3Y)^2(-X^-3Y)^2Please show all of the steps for your solution


A student submitted the following problem but the solution is incorrect. • Identify the mistake. What did the student do wrong? • Solve the problem correctly. Simplify√−112. You are not limited to the set of real numbers. Incorrect solution: We cannot find the square root of a negative so this is undefined

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