Admission Complex Patients

Admission Complex Patients

Describe three factors  ( listed below) that impact cost or revenue within your organization. How might these variables impact the DPI Project deliverables?

1. Length of stay- ( increase length of stay is costly for insurance, decrease pt satisfaction, increase risk of hospital acquired infection which can decrease reimbursement )

2. use of supplemental staffing (agency nurses) due to staffing shortage – need adequate staff to carry out bundle interventions

3. patient acuity / complexities ( noted on admission)- complex patients may alter results if not appropriately screened for hospital admission and high observation criteria) 

Pls elaborate on the three factors above and how it will impact the DPI project- DPI project : implementing the ABCDEF bundle in a long-term acute care bundle to decrease length of stay

250-500 words 

current articles no later than 5 years old 

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