Adverse Internet Addiction Psychological

Adverse Internet Addiction Psychological

The adverse impact of technology on our learners

For this essay, my topic will be “how is technology adversely affecting our learners?” my research question will be whether parents should regulate the number of hours children glare at their phones and the types of content children access on the internet. I will argue that although the internet has introduced positive aspects to children like online learning, access to global libraries, and collaborative learning, it has also led to harmful elements like cyber-bullying, access to pornographic sites, and adverse internet addiction psychological effects on children. At the beginning of my paper, I will explain the positivity of the internet and example some negative issues parents need to help children control when accessing the internet. As a prospective parent, I have read online how the internet has led to children having poor social skills, negative behavior towards others, depression, stress, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. Therefore, I will use peer-reviewed scientific studies to understand the adverse effects of the internet on children and develop different alternatives that could be used to promote positivity and involvement of patients without infringing the children’s ‘privacy concerns.’

The bibliography

Gottschalk, Francesca. “Impacts of technology use on children: Exploring literature on the brain, cognition, and well-being.” (2019). The link:

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