After his capture in the Bear Flag Revolt, Colonel Vallejo was A-set free on his word as a gentleman.

1- After his capture in the Bear Flag Revolt, Colonel Vallejo was A-set free on his word as a gentleman. B-sent to José Castro with a message from the insurgents. C-used as a Spanish interpreter. D-sent to Sutter’s Fort as a prisoner. 2- By late May of 1846, Frémont had set up camp at A-Sonoma B-Peter Lassen’s ranch. C-the Sutter Buttes. D-Sutter’s Fort. 3- When John C. Frémont was near Monterey in early 1846, which of the following people was MOST belligerent? A-William P. Hartnell B-Thomas O. Larkin C-José Castro D-John C. Frémont 4- The leader of the Bear Flag Revolt was A-Josiah Belden. B-William B. Ide. C-Zeke Merritt. D-John Sutter. 5- In August of 1846, José Castro A-disbanded his army and fled south to Sonora. B-led the resistance that briefly recaptured Los Angeles. C-strategically retreated to the San Joaquin Valley. D-fought a pitched battle with Pío Pico. 6- What was John C. Frémont’s reward for his service as military governor of California? A-He was promoted. B-He was named U.S. ambassador to Mexico. C-He was court-martialed. D-He was appointed secretary of state.



7- William B. Ide went from the leader of the Bear Flag Revolt to being A-a spy for the Californios. B-expelled from the Bears by a vote in Sonoma. C-held in jail at Sutter’s Fort. D-a private in Frémont’s California Battalion. 8- Who was the American consul in California in 1846? A-William B. Ide B-John Sutter C-Thomas O. Larkin D-Stephen Kearny 9- In what year did American settlers first appear in California? A-1831 B-1841 C-1826 D-1834 10- In July of 1846, why did José Castro retreat south from Santa Clara? A-He felt his forces were too small to succeed against the Americans. B-He received faulty intelligence about the size and movement of the Americans. C-He was ordered to do so by Pío Pico. D-He wanted to find a strategically located mountain to build a fort. 11- Who took command of the Bear Flag Revolt on July 5, 1846? A-John B. Montgomery B-John D. Sloat C-William B. Ide D-John C. Frémont 12- The initial action of the Bear Flag Revolt was the seizure of Colonel Vallejo’s compound in A-Petaluma B-Yerba Buena. C-Sonoma. D-Sausalito



13- In 1846 José Castro was concerned that what happened in ______ could happen in California. A-Arizona B-New Mexico C-Texas D-Sonor 14- Who was the governor of California during the Bear Flag Revolt? A-Mariano Vallejo B-José Castro C-Pío Pico D-Juan Padilla

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