All Students will have a copy of this Book by the end of Week One.

Course Expectation:  All Students will have a copy of this Book by the end of Week One.  The Book should be read by Week 4.  A Mid-term Reflection and Summary will be submitted by the end of Week 4.  Note:  Student are encouraged to form “Book Clubs” and read the book and discuss it with each other and share insights etc.

VIEW: Watch the short video clip  in Module 1.02 to gain a bit of insight into Brene Brown and her book, “Dare To Lead”.  You are encouraged to search online for more videos of Brene Brown,


Summary Prompts (1-2 pages):

1.  Main Ideas: Outline the main ideas of each chapter and create your own thesis statement (i.e. the reading is informative and insightful or provocative because…).

2.  Strengths and Weaknesses:  Critically state what you saw as the strengths and weaknesses in Brown’s argument.  What stood out to you and/or was inspiring?  What are the challenges in becoming an effective Leader?

3.  Reflection and Connection:  What stood out to you and/or was inspiring?  Why?  What are the challenges and/or pitfalls in becoming an effective Leader?  What qualities of leadership (i.e. courage, empathy, confidence, trust etc.) do you feel that you possess the most?  Which quality of leadership is hardest for you (i.e.  your growing edge).

4.  Connection/Critical Thinking: Simply, what theory or theories or concepts from our OEB text are relevant to Brene Browns book?  What connections can you make with other classes that you have taken in the CYBAS program?


Reflection Prompts (1-2 pages):  

1.  Aha Moment: In the reading and subsequent In-Class Book Club discussion, what is one “aha” moment for you (something that stood out for you or you recognized in your own experience or world view)?  Explain.

2.  Fuzzy Moment: In the reading and subsequent In-Class Book Club discussion, what is one “fuzzy” moment for you (something you do not quite understand or a question that you now possess or an emotional feeling that you are experiencing).  Describe.

3.  Personal Reflection:  How does this discussion and reading reinforce or change the way you think about leadership?  How does this inform you as leader?  In other words, what are you going to do about it?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Using no more than four pages (single-spaced), provide answers to the above questions.  Each question should be answered  in 3-4well-constructed paragraphs.  Please label the assignment “Dare to Lead: Summary and Reflection” and number your responses accordingly (i.e. 1. Summary; 2. Reflection).  Make sure that you write complete punctuated sentences and provide depth of insight.

TO SUBMIT: Click the Submit Assignment button on the far right of this screen (scroll to the right as necessary to see this). Upload your assignment using the link provided. Click the Submit Assignment button when complete.

SCORING: This assignment is graded based upon your depth of insight and written clarity (50 points for each essay).  Note:  Any resemblance of PLAGIARISM (i.e. copying and pasting from an on-line source) will reflect in receiving NO CREDIT and possible additional repercussions.  See Rubric for scoring criteria.

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