Answer three questions on document after watching three videos:



After enjoying the videos posted on the Module 10 – Task 1 link in Blackboard, students will respond to the following questions/statements. Be sure to think critically and in-depth when responding. Remember to DOUBLE SPACE responses. Enjoy!



1. Summarize – in at least 1 paragraph – the information in the two videos that discuss Norman Borlaug.


2. Discuss TWO ethical theories separately (from the power point of theories in Module 2 available under the Module 10 button) that Norman Borlaug was working under during his work with plants and in biotechnology



3. Using the information in the videos and any other sources (reputable sources) of information, explain in your own words why Norman Borlaug has been called ‘the greatest man to ever live’ and ‘the genius behind the green revolution’. THEN, state whether or not you agree that this is an appropriate statement to describe Norman Borlaug and discuss why you agree or disagree. Responses should be at least ONE SOLID paragraph for each item listed.








Be sure to name your file according to the assignment instructions!

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