Apa 7Th Ed 2

Apa 7Th Ed 2

Search the CDC National Notifiable Disease Surveillance System (NNDSS) list. Click this link: NNDSS.Links to an external site.

Select the Notifiable Conditions List, year 2022 National Notifiable Infectious DiseasesLinks to an external site.(most current year), check Infectious. 

Select one infectious disease that starts with the first letter of your first, middle, or last name (D or H) that could potentially impact your community.

  1. Clearly describe the disease, explain the chain of transmission, and include the CDC mandatory reporting requirements for the disease.
  2. Explain the global impact of this disease and what country other than the U.S. is most affected? 
  3. Present one evidence-based strategy the nurse would use to help decrease the spread of this disease.

APA 7th ed

2 scholarly references within the past 7 years

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