Architecture and Design homework help Art Appreciation

Each question 200 words each

1. Please reflect on a time in your life that visual art, not music or theater, made an impact on you. It could be making art if you have had that experience. Did you see a monument that moved you? Did you go to a museum and had a moment? Did you see someone else making art that you thought was amazing?

2. I am asking you to post something that is surprising to you about one aspect of the formal language of art, with an image of the piece of work that demonstrates your observation. Some suggestions could be: Is there something that surprised you about how artists talk about or use color? Or how artists imply movement, rhythm, or how scale changes our perception of an object? Any image from Chapters 1.4-1.7, is open for this discussion board.

3. I ask that you choose a 2-dimensional piece of work, from the chapters we have covered so far, and discuss what methods the artist used to create the sense of depth. Hint: there are usually multiple methods employed in one piece.

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