Architecture and Design homework help Option 1 – “The Most Wanted Paintings on the Web” null


  • Option 1 – “The Most Wanted Paintings on the Web”



    1. Research Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid’s groundbreaking series, “People’s Choice,” from 1994.

    2. Review all related background information (“Introduction”) on the following website:

    3. Pay special attention to the scope and goals of the project; view “The Paintings” and “Survey Results.”

    4. Read through the various “Letters to Komar & Melamid” (along the left, in red).

    Write a three (3) paragraph minimum response addressing the following questions and, then, post your work to the Discussion Board.  Reply to two of your classmates.

    • What are your impressions of Komar & Melamid’s “survey” and their findings?
    • How does America’s taste differ from that of other countries? How are they similar?
    • Do Komar & Melamid’s findings align with your own tastes and preferences in art?
    • Do you see any problems with their approach or methods?

    Points: 35 points (25 points for initial post, 10 points for follow-up posts)
    Due Date: 
    See Course Calendar for due date

  • Option 2 – “Postmodern vs. Modern Architecture”



    1. Read the following resourses below:

    2. You have a choice: write three (3) paragraphs OR create a chart that outlines the characteristics of postmodern architecture and modern architecture in order to distinguish between their stylistic differences. Utilize Robert Venturi’s seminal work Learning from Las Vegas to illustrate the postmodern philosophy/approach.

    Please note: if you choose to make a chart, you can use a text editor to create a table or you can copy and paste a table from Word into the discussion box. (No attachments, please.)


    3. Regardless of whether you write a 3 paragraph essay or create a chart, give examples of at least one postmodern and one modern structure. Be sure to apply the information/characteristics from your chart/essay to your selections.

    4.  Respond to two classmates’ posts in responses that are at least 1 paragraph in length.

    Grading: 35 points, see Discussion Forum Grading Criteria below




    **********************I will also need you to RESPOND to two of my classmates paper with one paragrapgh. THAT I WILL SEND YOU WILL IT IS POSTED

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