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To complete this project, you are to analyze and discuss: “High chest”, attributed to John. Townsend.

12-point New York Times font, 6-8 pages with images. 

you are to discuss fully:

  1. Why the object exemplifies the period style that was popular when the piece was created;
  2. Why the object is illustrative of the style of the region or city where it was created during this period; and
  3. How the style of the object significantly differs from that of objects created (1) in the period immediately preceding it chronologically and (2) in the period immediately following it chronologically. I.e., you are to discuss the significant stylistic changes or advances from the previous period style and the significant evolution to the following period style, using your chosen object as a point of reference.

To successfully complete this written assignment, you will need to undertake research using library resources and reputable online resources and to make citations to this research in correct endnote format and with a bibliography of resources employed. You will also need to employ appropriately labeled imagery in order to illustrate your discussion of parts 1–3 above.

Some useful sources:

1. page 90-95 in the John Townsend attachment pdf

2. page 80-83 in Kaufman-Collection

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