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Depression among Teenagers, Paper Outline


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Preliminary thesis: It is been shown that teenage depression has increased by 59% between 2007 and 2017, I believe the potential causes include dietary patterns, social media influence and high social and academic expectations. (Geiger, A., & Davis, L., 2020)

Revised statement: It has been shown that teenage depression has increased by 59% between 2007 and 2017. Potential causes for depression among teenagers include dietary patterns, social media influence, societal and academic pressures, and hormonal changes.


Teenage depression has been a problem prevalent in our society for a long time and is recently gaining more and more attention. According to research, since 2007, it has increased by almost 60% and is on a constant rise (Bowes, 2015). Experts believe that the most common causes of depression in teenagers are their dietary patterns, social media influence, societal factors and their changing hormones. Unhealthy diets and habits such as fast food and smoking are prevalent in today’s youth and undoubtedly affects their mental health as well as physical health. Research reveals that the transition from middle school to high school and college correlates with high depressive symptoms as the academic load increases. Social media sometimes presents negative influence for teenagers, it may lower their self-esteem and impact their self-image. This research paper will be discussing the whys and wherefores of this matter and aims to deliver information to teenagers, parents and teachers alike on what causes it, how to spot it and how to treat it.


· The primary factor among these come from the victim’s environment as societal pressures. (Thapar, A. C., 2012, para. 4)

· academic stress

· financial problems

· adverse family conditions

· bullying and peer victimization

· Social media has become a big part in the lives of people today and has seemed to limit social interaction under the guise of increasing it. It is easy to be

· misled by what we see through our device screens

· manipulate how people view our life to be more perfect than it is

· Observational research conducted on young girls suggested that use of social media lead to body and life dissatisfaction among teenagers.

· Depression is associated with diet restrain or body dissatisfaction. (Johnson, F., & Wardle, J., 2005, para. 7)

· Hormonal change during puberty potentially cause more depressed teenagers

· Change in hormones in puberty promotes depression-related behaviours (Boivin, J. R., Piekarski, D. J., Wahlberg, J. K., & Wilbrecht, L., 2017, 4. Discussion)

· Research has proven that during puberty testosterone and estrogen levels rise dramatically, which make teenagers vulnerable to depression (DiMaria, 2020).


References Boivin, J. R., Piekarski, D. J., Wahlberg, J. K., & Wilbrecht, L. (2017). Age, sex, and gonadal hormones differently influence anxiety- and depression-related behavior during puberty in mice. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 85, 78-87. doi:10.1016/j.psyneuen.2017.08.009 Bowes, L. J. (2015). Peer victimization during adolescence and its impact on depression in early adulthood: Prospective cohort study in the United Kingdom. . BMJ: British Medical Journal, 350. DiMaria, L. (2020). Depression during Puberty. Retrieved from Johnson, F., & Wardle, J. (2005). Dietary restraint, body dissatisfaction, and psychological distress: A prospective analysis. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 114(1), 119-125. doi:10.1037/0021-843X.114.1.119 Thapar, A. C. (2012). Depression in adolescence. Lancet (London, England),, 379(9820), 1056–1067.

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