Attached Completed General Lesson

Attached Completed General Lesson

The purpose of this Assignment is twofold. First, you will create an effective assessment tool to be used by students to show mastery of the learning objectives in your Five-day Instructional Unit. Second, you will create a scoring rubric to guide students as they work on their assessment.

In the attached completed General Lesson Plan Template are the theme and objectives for your Five-day Instructional Unit. Now that you have determined the learning objective, you will create a product that will allow your students to show mastery of the standard(s).

For this assessment, you need to think of something other than a traditional “test” which the student will be able to complete and is aligned with the learning objectives of your instructional unit. Here are some assessment suggestions:

  • Create a simulation
  • Create a report which could be presented orally or in print
  • Create a group project
  • Create a task for others to complete / something the student would teach

Once you have created the assessment, you will then create a scoring rubric which tells students what a completed assignment or finished product should include and contain information which you, as the teacher, will use to determine a student’s score, grade, or level of mastery.

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