Attached Discussion Board Evaluation

Attached Discussion Board Evaluation

Discussion Post:

You are required to post items to the course online discussion forum (see the syllabus for how they will be graded) that add value to the topic that is covered for the week, linking theory to real-world examples. Reflect on the following question:

In previous generations, tattooing was something done primarily by those, mostly males, in the military and only to a small extent (one or two relatively small tattoos, such as an anchor on a forearm). Also, women rarely were seen with tattoos and those were rarely visible to anyone who passed by. Today, tattooing has become a common occurrence and many people display large, ornate tattoos all over their bodies. The attitude toward these body adornments has changed dramatically. To what do you attribute this change? What is your view of tattooing?

  • Analyze the questions according to the requirements for the week.
  • Add one take away from this week’s article and one from this week’s videos – Make specific connections to the readings, videos, or recordings for the week and specifically include citations or statements from the video(s) and reading(s) covered this week.
  • Posts will be made in the Canvas discussion forum.
  • Review the attached discussion board evaluation rubric.

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