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Based Patient Teaching Direct

Based Patient Teaching Direct teaching new born care to mother as a nurse. rubric Clear and concise discussion of patient’s admission diagnosis, demographic data, and anticipated learning needs,Clear and comprehensive patient assessment data to support a deficient knowledge nursing diagnosis. Open and closing remarks that capture patient’s attention.Clear and correct statement of 2 teaching objectives.Clear […]

Security Risk Assessment Tool

Security Risk Assessment Tool   Infrastructure Review As a nurse executive leader, you may very well be tasked with the evaluation of the current technology safeguards, infrastructure, and regulations surrounding the security of the enormous amount of patient data collected in your organization. As nursing continues to increase point-of-care clinical technology, there is potential to […]

Nurse Manager Orientation ”

Nurse Manager Orientation ”   AONL Explore the American Organization for Nursing Leadership (AONL)    Evaluate AONL “Education” activities. Include the following aspects in the assignment: Reflect on the value of leadership certifications to your career management plans How would you use the “Essentials of Nurse Manager Orientation”? As a leader, how will you promote continuing […]

Kendall Regional Hospital

Kendall Regional Hospital rubric  Provides the name and address of the organization. Details a clear description of the purpose of the organization. Kendall Regional Hospital //11750 SW 40th St, Miami, FL 33175 Shows an excellent understanding of the population served at this organization. Mentions type of people attending these meetings. Identifies professional services available in […]

West Coast University Library

West Coast University Library  1. There are many possible sources of literature available: for example, the West Coast University library electronic databases, such as Medline, Cinahl, and PubMed. Which specific scholarly articles did you use and why did you choose them for your topic?  2.  Now that you have fully identified your change project, share […]

New School District Budget

New School District Budget   For this assignment, you will be writing a letter compelling a friend or family member to change either a behavior or a belief with which you disagree. Choose your own topic, but for example, this letter could petition an enthusiastic neighbor to scale down his blinding Christmas decorations, an immature […]

Two Children Ages 5

Two Children Ages 5 You are assessing a 25-year-old male patient of Haitian descent admitted as newly diagnosed with Diabetes type II on the Medical-Surgical Unit. He is married and has two children ages 5 and 2, and he is currently unemployed. He does not speak English and has no health insurance. He describes his […]

Concepts Covered Thus Far

Concepts Covered Thus Far Renewable Energy In this exercise, you will connect and apply course topics and concepts to a real-world scenario. Then, you will critically reflect and articulate some thoughts about your perceived learning, which can be a powerful bridge in the learning process. After reviewing your submission, your instructor will provide you with […]

à ¢  ‚¬

à ¢  ‚¬    TO DO LIST 1. PowerPoint Presentation and  2. Presentation Script: This may be provided either as speaker’s notes or as a separate scriipt. What You Need To Know: Read about how sharing what you know can lead to deeper learning and how studying concepts through different lenses can solidify understanding. […]

Nature Versus Nurture Debate

Nature Versus Nurture Debate Question 1 List at least four careers for each of these areas of psychology. After researching these areas, did you find any careers that interested you? Why or why not?   What did you find to be the most interesting aspect about of these subspecialties in psychology?  Question 2   Nature (Biology) […]