Collaborative Learning Enhances Critical

Collaborative Learning Enhances Critical

  • Critically analyze how your applied research proposal supports the goal of inclusive teaching and learning. If your applied research does not support this core premise, discuss why.
  • Critically analyze the progress you have made so far on your applied research proposal.  What are your opportunities for improvement?  Where are you seeing success?

This assignment will be assessed by your instructor using the Portfolio Activity Rubric.

Reading Assignment

1. Alexander, K. (2014, November 14). Why sharing your research with the public is as necessary as doing the research itself. Digital Science.

  • In this blog, Stogios discusses how sharing research is important in the academic community as it brings forth answers to questions other researchers may have.

2. Dynarski, M. (2015, December 10). Using research to improve education under the every student succeeds act.

  • The above is an executive summary discussing how research can be used to ensure that the Every Student Succeeds Act

3. Gokhale, A. A. (1995). Collaborative learning enhances critical thinking. Journal of Technology Education, 7(1).

  • The above article discusses the need for collaboration in the school to ensure critical thinking is transpiring.

 4. Kane, T. J. (2016). Connecting to practice. Education Next.

  • This article discusses how we can use research to connect to practice.

 5. The basic principles for a collaborative workplace. (n.d.). Available here. 

  • The above article reviews the key principals to effective collaboration in the workplace, specifically in regard to research.

6. The leadership motivation assessment. (n.d.). MindTools. 

  • This is an assessment to determine your motivation as a leader. Something that is important to understand when conducting research with a team.

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