compare and/or interpret cultural norms and values that influence communication.

Cultural Distintion Instructions


Learning Objective:

Students will be able to compare and/or interpret cultural norms and values that influence communication.

Please create your own thread and write  a response to each question and provide an explanation for your answers.

· Your response must be written at the English 101 college level.  Your response must be at least four complete sentences.  After you complete your response.

· Select a culture distinct from your culture and that you can research using the CCBC Library resources.  Identify and explain at least three of their cultural values (high context vs low context, individualism vs. collectivism, low uncertainty avoidance vs high uncertainty avoidance, low power distance vs. high power distance, talk vs. silence and cooperative vs. competitive cultures) that we studied in the Understanding Human Communication textbook – Chapter Three Culture and Communication pages 71 – 77.

· Explain why you selected the culture.  Also, indicate a culture that you belong to and compare that culture against the culture you are researching by explaining the similarities and differences of the two cultures.


Suggestions: religion, nationality, generation, ethnic groups. Topics that students have researched: Amish, Buddhism, Native Americans, Asian countries (Chinese, India, Japan), Pakistan, Nigerians, etc.

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