Completed Case Study Must

Completed Case Study Must


For this assignment, you will read the attached article about a criminal justice issue that is at the intersection of research and theory. You must provide a summary and an analysis of the article. Additionally, you will discuss how this could be applied and its possible impact. The summary of the article should include the following components:

  • the research problem,
  • the criminal justice theory and how the article relates the theory to the problem,
  • an overview of relevant research that the author(s) used to make his/her/their case,
  • the research design and whether it was appropriate,
  • how the author(s) will gather the data, and
  • variables (such as the dependent and independent).

The critique of the article should include the following components:

  • findings of the article,
  • why the information is significant and how the research enhances our knowledge of the theory,
  • future directions of research as identified by the author(s),
  • any suggestions for future research or revisions to the article, and
  • how this could be applied in a city/county/state and its possible impact.

This completed case study must be at least five pages in length, not counting the title page and reference page, and written at or above a master’s level Quality. The paper should follow APA guidelines to include in-text citations, references, and appropriate headings and subheadings.

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