Eng. 150: Irish Literature, Culture, Politics Prof. Enda Duffy

Eng. 150: Irish Literature, Culture, Politics


Prof. Enda Duffy



Plays. Novels. Some Key Readings:



John Millington Synge, The Playboy of the Western World :




Sean O’Casey, The Plough and the Stars :



(Access through Proquest, vis UCSB Davidson Library)


James Joyce, Ulysses:


I strongly recommend you buy the Vintage 1986 edition. Here is the Amazon link:



You can get it used for less than $5. Here is the cover for the best edition: (As page numbers



(As page numbers matter a lot with this book, having the right edition will be a huge help).


Buy this edition (and keep it forever)!


Ulysses, contd.:


[There is a good site called ‘Joyce Project’ but my computer warns that it is ‘Not Secure’]


Here is another:





Edna O’Brien, Short Stories


‘A Scandalous Woman’

‘A Rose in the Heart of New York’

‘the Shovel Kings’. New Yorker


Moya Cannon, Poems:




All of the poems we will read by Moya Cannon are here.


Doireann Ní Ghríofa








Melatu Uchenna Okorie, This Hostel Life, Skein Books (Ireland), Virago Books (UK):





Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godot





Sally Rooney: Normal People. Please purchase this book. Here is the edition (Hogarth Reprints, paperback, or Hogarth, hardback):




Sally Rooney is also editor of The Stinging Fly:




Emigrants/Immigrants: sources :





Plus, for lots of the latest, coolest literary news from Ireland,

check this out—The Irish Literary Times:



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