Enter Zip Code 32340Address

Enter Zip Code 32340Address

Energy Analysis

Where does the energy that powers your home originate? Let us find out.

First, go to the EPA Power Profiler website.  

Complete the Power Profiler information. You will be provided with a report showing a breakdown of where your household energy comes from and how this compares to national averages.

Enter zip code 32340

Address the following:

  • Report the region you are in and the percentages of non-hydroelectric renewable, hydroelectric, nuclear, oil, gas, and coal derived energy that are in use.
  • How do these values compare to the national averages?
  • Discuss the differences and similarities between your regional and national values. Factors to consider: Is your area windy? Sunny? On a coast? Does your state have legislation or incentives to increase energy independence? The example above is from the Pittsburgh region, which is a major coal-producer. This is reflected in the fact that this area uses far more coal for energy than the national average

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