Explain how you believe mindfulness helps people to be better stewards of this planet. Please use complete sentences.

Your responses must be typed using MLA or APA format (12 pt font, double-spaced), and should be a MINIMUM OF 1 FULL PAGE (This DOES NOT INCLUDE any space the questions may take up if you copy and paste them, so please make sure your response is longer than a page if you are copying and pasting the questions on to the assignment). Please make sure you are connecting the information to your personal stress management journey and experiences when applicable. YOU MUST USE PROPER CITATIONS! Please remember that when you directly copy out of the book, paraphrase from the book, or summarize the book, which will be in expected in every single assignment where you read chapters, you must use in-text citations as well as cite the source on a Works Cited or Bibliography Page. 

Please answer the following critical thinking questions from chapter 5: Impact Of Global Environmental Stress On Universal Well-Being.

1.  Explain how you believe mindfulness helps people to be better stewards of this planet.  Please use complete sentences.

2.  Go to www.kindspring.org/ideas/ (Links to an external site.) under the heading Environment there are 20 ideas – pick one and share how you will implement it into your life.   Please use complete sentences.

3.  What was the most impactful concept you learned in this chapter and why? Please use complete sentences

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