Exploratory Sequential Mixed Methods

Exploratory Sequential Mixed Methods

In designing the procedures for a mixed methods discussion, begin by defining mixed methods research and its core characteristics, briefly mentioning its historical evolution; discuss your chosen mixed methods design; and note the challenges in using the design. Convey a diagram of your procedures that includes good notation to help the reader understand the flow of activities. As you discuss your design, convey the elements that go into it, such as the procedures used in a convergent parallel, an explanatory sequential, or an exploratory sequential mixed methods study. Also consider whether you will overlay your project with a more complex procedure that embeds the data within a larger design, theoretical framework, or methodology. Finally, consider factors that play into your choice of a mixed methods design. These involve considering the intent of the design, what outcomes you expect from the study, the integration of the databases, the timing of them, the emphasis placed on each database, the choice of design that matches your field, and the conduct of the project either by yourself or a team of researchers.

Assignment: Design a combined qualitative and quantitative study that employs two phases sequentially. Discuss and provide rationales for why the phases are ordered in the sequence you propose. 

the topic is police stressors. please read the chapter and articulate a critical analysis. Please do what the assignment is asking.

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