Final Paper – Cultures Of Precarity / Art History 1103

Your final paper should follow the same general format of the short paper and must utilize (as with all of our papers) Chicago Manual Style. As mentioned above, you will need to select TWO different artists with one being based in the U.S. and the other abroad. Once you have selected both your artists, you will then need to choose 2-4 artworks (either one or two from each artist) that you feel most successfully engage with/represent the prompt. Final papers must be six (6) pages total (double-spaced) and must cite at LEAST 2-3 academic/scholarly sources.

Prompt: How does this artwork engage with issues of domestic labor, specifically in relation to women and invisible/gendered work? What  expectations and stereotypes influence and frame what these particular works are responding to and/or contesting (e.g. the “American” dream, disproportionately of color/lower-income female caregivers/caretakers, etc.)? Domestic labor may include, but is not limited to, childcare, surrogacy/adoption, caregiving/taking, sex work/camming, household caretakers/workers, and general “home” based labor. 

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