For museums, raising and maintaining public interest their ancient art collections has always been a challenge.

Virtual Museum Paper


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For museums, raising and maintaining public interest their ancient art collections has always been a challenge. But now, with the COVID-19 crisis, it’s even more important, in order to counteract the decrease in public awareness due to the loss of visitors to their galleries. If you go online and visit their website, you’ll find that Museums have reacted and are finding new and innovative ways of staying in contact with their patrons and potential future visitors.

Discuss the strategies for staying in touch / raising public interest / awareness of at least three museums anywhere in the world that have art collections from the ancient Near East to Late Antiquity, i.e. Ancient Mesopotamia / Iran, Levant, Greco-Roman, Parthian or Sasanian eras, Early Christian / Byzantine art of the Middle East and / or Islamic art from anywhere around the Mediterranean or the Middle East.

Discuss what online programs or web sites or other resources / activities each of these museums has implemented to create or keep interest in their ancient art collections either before or in response to the pandemic.

How you visualize that online programs / websites / resources will impact the museum’s future online presence or its in-person visitors as either relate to their ancient art collections and galleries?


6 double spaced pages, not including bibliography or images. 1″ margins, 12-point font. You do not need to include images, but if you do, they must be at the end and not part of your text.

Include a bibliography:  Where available you should list:

Author of message or article

Year that the site was published/last updated (in round brackets).

Title of message or article or page (in single quotation marks).

Title of internet site (in italics).

Day/month of posted article / message (where available)

Available at: URL.

(Accessed: date).

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