For the final assessment, you will select an agency in which you would like to be employed. You will research the types of services this agency offers by looking at its website, visiting the agency (if possible), emailing or interviewing someone who works at the agency

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2-3 Final Project Milestone One: Human Services Organization Identification

T’Erica Huff

Intro to Human Services – HSE 101

Southern New Hampshire University


Center for the Visually Impaired

Found in Atlanta Georgia, 739 W Peachtree St Nw Atlanta, GA 30308, Center for the Visually Impaired is an agency that aims at supporting people who have either lost their eyesight or cannot see partially or entirely. I chose this agency because I felt that it would be the right way to give back to the community. When I was young, at around six years, my friend and her family got involved in a road accident. Sadly, some dust and broken glass got into her eyes, and even though the doctors tried their best, she lost her eyesight. She has partial vision; her eyesight is blurred. She tells me that when she opens her eyes, she can know if it is either daytime or nighttime by the amount of light she sees.

At first, both her parents and she found it hard to come up with the situation. It was quite a struggle for her to be able to walk or even move because she could not differentiate images. The only thing she sees are colors. For example, if her mom wears a red dress, she can only see the red color, if it is a black cloth, she can only see the black color but in a blurry form. She found it hard to accept herself; later on, she moved to another city with her family, I still keep in touch with her. She inspired me to choose this agency. I want to help out people like her and others who have a problem with their eyesight. I want to bring back colors and images in their life. I want to inspire people with eyesight problems and make them see there is a future ahead and that they can live a life with dignity even though their eyesight has a problem. And most importantly, I am doing it for the honor of my friend; she wishes to help people like herself. And I hope that by doing this, she will feel that she has made a step.




I had a number of six agencies in my mind. The other agencies that I was considering joining are YWCA of Greater Atlanta, CARE USA, Atlanta Community Food Bank, United Cerebral Palsy, Open Hand, and Right at Home. Most of the agencies offer their services to marginalized groups in society, such as the elderly, or women and girls, or the needy or the children. I decided on the Centre for the visually impaired because that is where my heart is. I feel that it is the agency that will help me to reach my goal of inspiring people, motivating people, and making a positive impact on their lives. I also think that it is the agency that will help me build on my reliability skills and communication skills. This is because I will be able to meet with people who I can relate to because I have an idea of what it feels to lose eyesight, either entirely or partially, through my friend.

I want to be employed at this agency because I have a dream of helping the blind see. I do not mean giving them eyesight but to help them to be able to have an idea of how beautiful the world is even without having vision. Also, I am a passionate person, and I apply it to everything that I do. Therefore, if this agency would employ me, it will have allowed me to be able to help out people passionately. More so, through being employed in this agency, I will be able to achieve my mission of inspiring people and impacting positively as well as giving people hope.

The agency offers a variety of services for its clients. Some of the services include community-based services that give the clients instruction and training in communication skills, food and nutrition, personal care, and many more. It also has services for the youth as well as the children below five years who lost their eyesight. It has the STARS program, Social, Therapeutic, Academic, Recreational Services, for the school-aged children. It also has a vision clinic and rehabilitation services for the clients. The agency has eye professionals, caregivers as well as therapists, and volunteers as well.


Center for the Visually Impaired.

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