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Leveraging Human Capital


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In an organization there are various different departments beginning from designs, project management, research and development, human resources, sales administration, engineering and marketing. These various departments have various sub departments which deals with different issues of engineering and other important function related to the department. These departments need development, evaluated, training for their effective performances as per own goals and their group or team goals.

The organization has to draft plans for professional’s developments I n respective to their line of work field. Set goals for their performance evaluation suiting their specific team goals and their specific jobs. Everybody giving hand on contribution towards the overall goals of the organisation are ensured. The department of human resource works for employee recruitment, progression of career, monitoring employee’s performance, development and also ensures the rewards and the compensation or even the employees punishments are met basing their job performance. There should be a very good and acceptable 360-degree system for feedback strategized in order to get each employee’s feedback on job performance from the fellow workmates with whom he or she interacts with.

The goals for appraisal performance should always be there and set not only on their line of duty but should also be guided by the safety, quality, corporate governance policies and ethical codes of conducted. (Coca cola, 2020). Each employee goals set for them must involve one goal on quality, one goal on innovation or for performance that is not ordinary, one goal on performance safety and also one goal for his or her contribution toward the team development and knowledgeable sharing he or she is participating in.

The strategies may be; letting the employees know that the organisation trusts them and depend on them. By this they will put themselves in the organisation shoes and feel their obligation and this will drive them to work even much harder. The organisation should put confidence on its employees and in turn the employees will not disappoint the company. The company should employ weekly goals to its employees in line of achieving the main goal of the specified given period. The reward of the goal achieved by the team maybe a party, an afternoon off or something cheerful. Giving your employees some purpose motivates them. By having a good understanding on their obligation and the purpose of the business they are able to know how they belong in the big picture in the organisation.

The organisation should be transparent to its employees on what is happening in the company to make them feel include always. Always motivate individuals rather than motivating the team which help to sustain motivation and increase the company’s pride and loyalty. The company should learn on what makes each employee happy when working and by this it will help the company achieve its goals within a very short time. The company should allow it employees to have vacations and leave a culture which prioritizes pork life balance and productivity that is increased. (L, B., & Singh, 2017). Employees should be given time to express their opinions and be heard, this motivates them and make their ideas and words happen afterwards. Each department should always recognise the hardworking individual in meeting so as to applause them and motivate them to next time work harder.

Programs for development for the employees must include trainings. Complete charters for employees training should be made available online on the company’s data bank and every employee should must undergo the training which must be specified by the company its minimal time. There should be trainings on quality, safety, ethics which is mandatory and the code of conduct. The manager along with the employees choose the trainings and draft their own calendar with the department of human resources. In addition, the progression of a career is drafted and the employees have to be interviewed every alternate year on them on their own thinking and perception on his or her career in the organisation and career plan progression is reviewed or prepared in the interview. In order to develop skills multi- disciplinary for employees they are exposed and transferred to different departments for hand on experience.

There is a need to leverage the employee’s assets and this can be done in some ways. Streamline the processes and the best way to do this is to put more inspiration on productivity in the workforce by empowering them with the needed work tools in order for them to do their jobs effectively. Frequently give feedback and appreciation to establish good communication among the teams and the leaders of the organisation. Ensure that shifts are fully staffed to improve the employee’s morale creating a conducive environment for them to work. Employees should be fully engaged for the good of the company and appreciating them directly

There should be annual and mid- year appraisals to discuss the employees’ performance, weaknesses, strengths, good points and contributions and plan for the next period non-how to improve from the present position. to ensure that there is a continuous progression of the employees are also posted and proposed to international locations for their career. There are some programs of very high potential candidates for the employees to be exposed to international positions and across disciplinary functions. (Leonard, n.d.). There are some technical communities and rewards within organisations that are international and can climb the ladder in these communities (local leaders, international leader, international senior leaders, local senior leaders). In the same way the employees are ranked according to their competency as, potentials, starters, leaders and masters.

To have the employees motivated I will make sure that I incorporate non-monetary and monetary incentives to remain competitive in the industry. However, I will utilize a larger percentage of the monetary ones that the non-monetary incentives because the global economy is growing really fast and people are actually looking for better standards of living through increased incomes. Therefore, if I offer the employees more cash than just appraisals through words, I will have a competitive advantage over the other players in the industry. Despite, other non-monetary ones like paid training sessions and gifts I will also make sure that medical insurance covers are given to the employees to motivate them to continue working. Besides, I will enforce a fair working environment where all people are treated accordingly and not taking advantage of the youth employees while sparing parents at the workplace. The end result of such a working environment is increased productivity and thus more profits and high-quality products.

The company should gear up for expecting new challenges of handling fast track projects. Leveraging the strengths in different departments for local sourcing of materials faster communication development also preservation of intellectual organisation property. The organisation has the need to ensure that its attrition rate goes down by a minimum of 3%. There are recognitions schemes and enough rewards for individual performance who are out of ordinance and team rewards for performing which can be on the spot or after collection of feedbacks and evaluation of performances.

The company should have the visions for attracting and the brightest and the best minds on a global scale. This will include a platform that is agile and timely, social and mobile shaped with a clear target mind in the group. The vision should come from within the organization and mostly from the people who are experienced in the field in question who will inspire the others to embrace the vision. The vision should be creative. In times of problems and difficulties the leaders should not see dead end but another great road ahead. Leaders in their own vision should be unshakeable, as leaders sees obstacles as opportunities.



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