For this assignment, you will create an educational flyer on a single human rights issue.

For this assignment, you will create an educational flyer on a single human rights issue.  You are free to choose a human rights issue that interests you from UN Human Rights list HERE.  Gun rights pro/con and abortion pro/con cannot be used.

The flyer will be created in Microsoft Word.  The first page of your Word document will be the flyer; the flyer is to be one page in length only.  The second page of your Word document will contain your MLA formatted works cited page, including your researched information and image sources.  While you will include researched support, the majority (80%) of the flyer’s text content must be in your own original words.  Researched support must be specific (not general), such as specific examples, data, and so on.

The flyer must include:

2 images only, no more and no less.  A picture of a quote is not considered an image.

At least 7 sentences of text including a topic sentence identifying and explaining the human rights issue, support, and solutions for the problem that the flyer’s readers can enact.

Be sure to study the Assignment Workshop for information on using credible sources.

Please see this guide for how to format your sources.

Submit the assignment as one file only in either Word or PDF file format.

If you’d like help avoiding plagiarism, please email your teacher, visit our online library (the Learning Resource Center), or feel free to book a one-on-one appointment with a writing coach in the writing lab: BOOK HERE

Click HERE to access the JMHS Plagiarism Policy.  Your paper should not contain more than 20% of quotes from outside sources.

Now you are ready to submit Assignment 1: Human Rights Educational Flyer!

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