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Kanesha Bowden


1-6 Journal: From Problem to Persuasion

Graphic design is a powerful tool that expresses communication with other people through various methods. It is an excellent way of conveying ideas beautifully through visual communication targeting a specific audience. However, there are critical issues in a graphic design career, including combining design with business and designing for emerging markets.

Graphic design career experiences problems trying to balance design and business. In an period where corporations highly value design to achieve long-term success, graphic designers are yet to get the know-how of combining design and business and strategically planning their operations to move from just a commodity for creating beautiful and creative designs to an important asset that can combine expertise, designs, consumer empathy, and business strategies to be more impactful (Faller, 2016).

On the other hand, graphic designers argue that they have grasped the concept of business and design, primarily through marketing. They communicate and promote their brands to their customers in the most appealing way they can. Through this technique and customer service skills, they can create interest in their brand through visual communication. Graphic design bridges a brand and its customers by building incentives and trust with their customers. Graphic designers also employ different and new creative ways to reach their customers; therefore, the balance between design and business is well mastered.

Although it is easy to design for most western countries, graphic designers often face challenges when dealing with most of the international market outside the industrialized world. Reaching customers in emerging markets becomes difficult because of the different levels of connectivity and internet. Thus, graphic designers are highly inconvenienced and experience high costs of using their products in areas where internet connectivity is low. It becomes difficult to develop ideas that require high-speed internet in emerging markets that are yet to adopt these very reliable resources and pushing innovative ideas to the global market.

However, it is not a challenge for graphic designers to make designs for emerging markets as some counter. Graphic designers have the chance to be as innovative as possible by adopting native content as part of their brand in some emerging markets. Graphic designers can use the locally available resources to promote their content, including TV (Jackson, 2019). This way, graphic designers develop a stronghold over emerging markets and grow their brand by challenging themselves to create local content desirable within the emerging markets.

It is essential to persuade graphic designers that they can combine business and designing. This will help them realize their potential in the market and increase their aggressiveness in the market. Graphic design is a marketable career, and its skills are sought after by many companies pushing their brand in the local and global market. Therefore, global designers should identify their power in the market and develop strategic plans to move their brand in the market despite the challenges.

Although designers face challenges when combining design with business, graphic designers have powerful resources to help them navigate the business world. There is an excellent opportunity for graphic designers because companies constantly need advertising and brand promotion services, which allow graphic designers to employ their skills and innovative ideas in the corporate world while building their brand. Graphic designers can take the opportunity to help companies in their marketing endeavors as a twofold operation to push their brand in the market hence create a good brand image that will help them develop their business and gain the necessary skills.

The potential audience is the emerging graphic designers who are yet to gain experience in the market. Marketing a brand as a new graphic designer can be difficult, and young graphic designers are often unsure about their skills when they experience challenges in the field. Therefore, they must receive the persuasion and the push to believe in their brand and push themselves beyond their limit for a successful career.



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