Forum 5 On “’Dangerous Families’ And ‘Intimate Harm’ In Hemingway’s ‘Indian Camp’” By Lisa Tyler (Due June 10th)

Write a summary and response of ’Dangerous Families’ and ‘Intimate Harm’ in Hemingway’s ‘Indian Camp’” by Lisa Tyler. Make sure you use proper MLA in-text and Work Cited citations.

Your summary should answer the questions listed below.  You may also just answer each question individually.  You do not need to rewrite the question.

(Note: If you respond to each question individually, be sure to write complete paragraphs. Keep in mind that while the forums are meant to help you create the writing you will use in your research paper, that you cannot just copy/paste your forum, but you will need to be sure to shape your writing to fit the format of a college essay supporting a clearly defined thesis, with transition and topic sentences and a concluding paragraph.)

  1. How does Tyler start her essay? Why does she start the essay the way she does? What is Tyler trying to show with each critic she lists and quote that she discusses at the start of her essay?
  2. What question is Tyler’s research essay trying to answer? What is Tyler’s thesis? What does Tyler mean by “intimate harm”?
  3. Explain the three main kinds of evidence that Tyler uses to support her thesis: when and why does she use other critics, Hemingway’s own words, and Hemingway’s personal life?
  4. When Tyler references other critics, why is she doing so? In other words, what are some of the ideas she is trying to prove by referencing other critics?
  5. Look up the terms “feminist” and “psychoanalysis.” How is Tyler using these terms to try to prove her thesis with regard to Hemingway’s depiction of the relationship between men and women, father and son in “Indian Camp”?

Work Cited

Tyler, Lisa. ’Dangerous Families’ and ‘Intimate Harm’ in Hemingway’s ‘Indian Camp.’” Texas Studies in Language and Literature, Vol 28, No 1, Spring 2016.

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