Get experts to help you design your glass kitchen or conservatory extensions and making your house look unique.

Read the article and look through some useful ideas on designing your glass extension. Get experts to help you design your glass kitchen or conservatory extensions and making your house look unique.

How should I design my glass extension?

Are you thinking of getting glass extensions for decorating your house? Your home deserves a striking design and the glass is the best material to make your home look stylish. Glass extensions for houses don’t only look attractive. They help to create useful space in houses without cracking the walls.

We provide outstanding glass extensions UK London and other locations all over the country and help the owners of houses enjoy their spacious, light and very cozy houses. By installing a glass construction and adding one more room to your home, you will fall in love with your house again.

Needless to say that contemporary glass extensions add a wow factor regardless of the age of buildings. A combination of old brick and frameless glass panels creates an astonishing look. By using glass panels, adding light and life to your house becomes really easy. Floor to ceiling glass panels allows natural light to come through them, filling the rooms of your house without needing using so much electricity.

Frameless glass extensions allow the owners of houses feel like they moved to new houses, so they start enjoying spending time at home. The only one question that our customers ask us is “How to design a glass extension?” Depending on what kind of room a glass extension is in your house, we will be happy to suggest some nice ideas.

If your new glass extension is a part of your kitchen, then it’s best to place all furniture in the center of the room, since placing furniture against the glass walls can damage them.

Modern glass extensions are widely used as conservatories. Usually, they are located near kitchen rooms and add a beautiful look to houses from outside. Such a conservatory is built from glass walls and a glass roof which automatically makes it spacious and light. Conservatories are usually rooms for keeping your plants and flowers, as well as table, chairs or sofa for relaxation and having a coffee or tea with sweets. In summer, conservatories are often used as breakfasts place. Also, it’s the right place to invite your guests for some drinks and chatting.

So, here are some quick ideas on designing the extension room:

  • always get extension build on the “nature” side, looking at the lake, mountains, trees of flowers through glass panels is so much more joyful
  • plan your glass extension on the sunny side to keep it warm in winter
  • use frameless glass panels to make the room look more spacious
  • locate furniture in the center of the room
  • choose simple colors like beige or gray, this will make your house look modern and stylish

It’s important to know how to avoid heat loss in a glass extension especially in winter when you still want to use your modern glass room. To keep heat inside the glass room, it’s important to use solid glass panels for the roof. Another tip that will help you to save a warm temperature inside the room is using a wooden floor instead of tiles. You can also consider using underfloor heating.

If you are thinking of designing your house by installing a glass extension, we will be happy to help you choose the right style, size, and color of extension in the UK. Our experienced designers have plenty of ideas to suggest to you and implement them in real life. Changing your old interior and exterior design if the house is quite easy, you just have to find professionals.

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