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Final Paper: For the final paper, students must choose CONTENT (text/matter) of interest. This can include

books, songs, poems, art, music videos, speeches, movies, television shows/episodes, etc. – basically any

material you wish to write about and connect to feminist concepts. The purpose of the paper is to prove to your

reader that your chosen “text” is a feminist or demonstrates feminism in your opinion and justify your position.

This final paper should include an introductory paragraph (what your chosen text is and what you intend to

prove in the paper), body paragraphs (evidence/proof of your stance via outside material as to why it should be

considered feminist), and conclusive paragraph (tie all the ideas together and confirm your thesis). Think of

this as an extended, more fleshed-out version of the outline. The paper must be around 1500 words, 12-point

font/Times New Roman, double-spaced pages, as well as a reference list and a title page (include title of paper,

student name/number, course code, instructor’s name, and date.)

– pick one of the from the above mentioned resources (movie or book)

The chosen material should be supported by a peer-reviewed article, Pease include intext citation and attach a reference list.

I am sending a sample paper to get an idea of how to do this. here is the link. 


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