Home>Architecture and Design homework help Note: Remember to read the chapters each week in your main text, “Successful Writing at Work,” 11th Edition, and to refer to “Elements of Style” for help with spelling, grammar and punctuation. When in doubt, look it up! :) Week #3

Note:  Remember to read the chapters each week in your main text, “Successful Writing at Work,” 11th Edition, and to refer to “Elements of Style” for help with spelling, grammar and punctuation. When in doubt, look it up! 🙂

Week #3


Homework#1 due at 11:59 p.m. on Tues.

Discussion Board #3/Exercise #3

Read Chapter 3 – E-Communications at Work

Regarding Homework#1 due (stress in the workplace), make sure to include your name, date, class, and HW# on all homework assignments. Your papers should be double-spaced and numbered. Please do not post anything in the Comments box online unless told to do so. You’ll need to upload a separate Word document. Thanks!

Homework#1 – Week #3:  Create a Memo to Your Boss (develop your dream-company logo, revise stress-management information to include, then use one of the memo formats found in your text)

Complete Exercises 1 & 3 on pg. 70-71, Ch. 2, making sure to include your name, date, class, and HW# on all homework assignments. (Single-space that information, but please double-space the assignment itself). See format and more details on LEARN/HW#1/Week #3. You may use the typed brainstormed list attached there (Step 2/Ex. 1); just delete/combine what’s duplicated or redundant; then write a one-page, single-spaced memo to your boss about this topic and your recommendations for the company. Be sure to read the complete instructions on pg.70-71. Here are the steps to follow:

STEP #1:  Create Your Dream Company Logo (for your memo in this assignment and later work, too) Decide what your dream company would be if you could own your own business. Think about what it would be called, as well as what type of an image you want to use for your logo. You’ll be using this logo in all of your future business correspondence, just like you would in the business world at the firm where you’re working.

Here are some places to look for ideas for logos, free images, etc. Remember, many photos are copyrighted, so you can’t use them for your own purposes. Google copyright-free or royalty free images to find those that are OK to use for your design.

1)  http://www.logomaker.com/ (You can create something here, but then, they’ll ask you to sign up for the service; so, just do control/alt/print screen, then save it to a Word doc.

2)  http://www.dreamstime.com/

3)  Google “free images” to see what pictures are available to be used without copyright issues

4)  Google memo examples

5)  Go to Microsoft Word to view colorful layouts you could choose. At the top, click on File, then on the menu go to “New,” then to “Memo.” You will find all types of business, sales, and other formats there. You’ll be doing your future work as though it came from your company. You could decide to also use a “slogan” like Nike does—theirs is “Just Do it,” as you know. That would appear somewhere beneath the logo itself as a catch phrase of sorts (or it could become one if it’s clever enough!). See Item 6 for more ideas.

6) http://www.tripwiremagazine.com/2011/01/50-examples-of-catchy-and-creative-slogans.html

STEP #2:  Review the brainstorming list on stress management (see the Step 2 homework attachment based on Exercise 1 on p. 70), which is already typed up for you. Note: The brainstormed list would be similar to a group of people all giving their ideas on a topic. Nothing is considered wrong, but when all the concepts are put together, obvious duplicates show up, things can be combined, etc. You’ll be doing that for your memo. You’ll create a revised version (you don’t have to submit that part) to use in the memo itself. Here’s more on the process of brainstorming:  http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/brainstorming.html

STEP #3: Write your memo, using your new logo and following your choice of the style formats shown on pp. 223, 225, or 227 or a Word template. Before doing the memo itself, read MEMOS in Chapter 6, pp.220-227 so you understand the steps involved. I’ll be grading your work on that basis. Follow the guidelines in Exercise #3, p. 71 – “From the revised brainstormed list in Exercise 1 (your Step #2), write a one-page memo to a decision maker about how the problems of stress negatively affect workplace production.” I’d include your suggestions as to how incorporating such a program would make sense in your work world.

Post your assignment as one complete document that includes all three steps:  Create and use your new logo at the top of your memo, decide what parts of the revised list you feel are important, then use them in the body of the memo you’re writing to your boss. You DO NOT have to include the revised list itself, however.

Upload it by clicking on the name of the homework, which will open a place to post it.



Three online quizzes will cover lecture and classroom discussion, as well as textbook assignments and outside reading materials. Additionally, four homework assignments and onedocumentary analysis will be graded on creativity, syntax, grammar, spelling and punctuation. I do not tolerate typographical errors; therefore, each spelling mistake is an automaticthree-point deduction.

Each punctuation/grammar error is a two-point deduction. Unless otherwise indicated, all assignments must be submitted online by the assigned due date.

NOTE:  Also, make sure you take a look on the left menu at TIPS & RESOURCES where I’ve posted some common errors students consistently make so you don’t lose points! t

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