How many total licensed to operate nuclear power plants are currently in the United States?

United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission: Information on Nuclear Reactors


Visit each page and answer the questions.

Power Reactors ( )

How many total licensed to operate nuclear power plants are currently in the United States?

How many are pressurized water reactors? How many are boiling water reactors?

Follow the link to the pressurized water reactors.

Pressurized Water Reactors: ( )

There are four regions numbered in the figure of the “typical pressurized water reactor.” What are they?

Which part of the pressurized water reactor generates the heat needed to drive the turbine?

What’s the purpose of the primary coolant loop?

Steam forms in the secondary coolant loop.

True or false?

What are the containment walls made of? How thick are the containment walls?

Follow the link to the animated diagram.

An Animated Diagram of a Pressurized Water Reactor:

( )

There are three loops shown in the diagram. How many of them are “closed loops?” Which


What is the purpose of each loop?

Where does the water on the right side of the diagram come from and go to?

Follow the link under POPULAR DOCUMENTS to FACT SHEETS AND BROCHURES. Then, under

Nuclear Materials and Waste, follow the link to “Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel.”

Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel:

( )

Uranium fuel pellets can be stacked into fuel rods. A group of fuel rods is a fuel assembly.


or false?

Spent nuclear fuel refers to the bundles of uranium pellets encased in metal rods that have been

used to power a nuclear reactor.

True or false?

Spent is a hazard because it produces substantial radiation and heat.

True or false?

What is “pool storage?”

What is “dry cask storage?”

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