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DEC 250 – Reflective Journal Response #2

The Other Wes Moore Ch. 3 and 4 Journal Prompts


The following is a list of questions related to the assigned reading in the novel, choose one or more of these prompts (or one of your own choosing) and write a reflective journal response (at least 350 words) using the chart that follows. You must include a quotation AND its location in the novel as part of your response. You will use the chart to complete the blog assignment and then upload the finished product to Moodle.


language using the first person point of view is appropriate (I, me, my, etc.).


Possible Journal Prompts:


Wes writes on page 54 that, “Later in life, I learned that the way many governors projected the numbers of beds they’d need for prison facilities was by examining the reading scores of third graders.” Why do you think governors link prison facilities with third grade reading scores? Do you agree or disagree with this practice? Why?


Should convicted criminals be given to opportunity to redeem themselves and re-enter society?


Talk about the sadness that both Wes Moores share when it comes to their fathers? How are their losses similar? How are they different? How might their losses be related to their different approaches to life?


Explain how their grandmothers impact the lives of both Wes Moores. Who are some secondary influences on your life and how have they impacted you for better or for worse?


On page 67, Wes writes, “I guess it’s hard sometimes to distinguish between second chances and last chances.” What does he mean by this and how does this quote relate to the theme of redemption?


According to Wes, he had a teacher who bluntly told him, “It didn’t matter to her if I showed up because the class ran smoother when I wasn’t there.” Do you agree or disagree with the teacher’s position? What would you have done if you were in her shoes?


On pages 80-82, Wes is arrested for tagging and we gain insights into his thoughts related to his actions and its consequences. Re-read these pages. When Wes is caught spray painting with Shea, what happens to him when he is thrown in the police car? How is his reaction different from Shea’s? Why do you think the police officer responded the way he did? Did the police officer do the right thing or should he have handled the situation differently? In what ways did this incident inform Wes’s future decision making process?


Both Wes Moores experience significant losses. Reflect on a loss you’ve experienced and how it impacted your future decisions, attitude, and/or beliefs.





Course AND section #:

APA-style Works Cited entry for the novel


Questions for reflection on the reading:

Type in your chosen response question(s) or one of your own choosing here.



Reflective Journal Response to the reading:

Respond to the question(s) you have listed above here. You must have at least 350 words IN THIS SECTION to earn the minimum grade of a C-.

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