Identify the structural, behavioral, and intersectional (relationship) attributes of your current or most recent employer’s organization.

This work might be little helpful


Important note: 1st the structural, behavioral,  and intersectional (relationship) attributes must be indentified. Then a diagram which maps the stock, inflows, outflows, and feedback loops must be displayed.



claims inventory



claims come in every department



some claims are old which causes aged claims which makes inventory higher



promote several processors to work these claims in inventory



inventory reduces makes it better to concentrate on the newer invenotry coming in.



claims in inventory get set aside, routed elsewhere



hand out these work to several processors to get then inventory reduced and the aged inventory down



processors work claims to reduce inventory and reduce the aged in claims



in return when working aged claims and getting them out makes it better for all when working the newer claims and get them out makes the member and the provider happy

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