In this training, we provide advice about how to approach the week 3 video discussion post. When you are done, be sure to take the “Week 3 discussion quiz.”

Week 3 Discussion Video Presentation Training

In this training, we provide advice about how to approach the week 3 video discussion post.  When you are done, be sure to take the “Week 3 discussion quiz.”

Step 1 – Read the grading rubric, so you know what you will be assessed on:

Notice that you will be graded on the following:

· Cohesive Organization – Introduction, body, and conclusion. 20%

· Content – Informative content, shaped by course material.  Be sure to mention Bevan at least three times and highlight specific points from her. 20%

· Language – Be clear and compelling. Try to entertain your audience. 10%

· Delivery – This involves nonverbal cues such as eye contact, posture and vocal expressiveness.  Sit upright and look at the camera! 10%

· Length – This must be 2.5 to 3 minutes.  Instructors will not have to listen after 3 minutes. 10%

· Engagement/Participation – Yes.  You still have to reply to others, but it will not be through video.  You still need to meaningfully engage with both your classmate and course material.  Please cite your sources as they influence your ideas. 30%

Step 2

Be sure you have read Bevan on communication apprehension and have watched the Abrahams video. Reading the recommended article by Dwyer (2000) can be very useful in helping you think through how to overcome the apprehension as well.

Step 3 – Write an outline:

· To prepare for the video presentation, please create an outline of what you are going to say.  You will need to copy and paste this outline into your discussion post, along with the video itself.

· The outline should prompt you to cover key required elements and then roughly what you plan to say.  If you’re going to use quotes, be sure to copy and paste them into the outline.

· The outline will have the following:

· Introduction – What is it you want to say about communication apprehension?  Preview what you plan to accomplish in your video presentation. For instance, you might say “Hi everyone, I’m here today to share the communication apprehension I experienced during a job interview.  In this presentation, I will address this apprehension as what Bevan calls “public speaking apprehension” and then I will address two strategies that I could have used to overcome the fear.  I will close by addressing what I will gain from overcoming this fear.” (30 seconds) But all you will say in the outline is – introduce myself and explain what I will do in the presentation.

· Body – This is the content area of the paper, where you develop your key points.  Be sure to do the following:

a) Offer details about both the apprehension you experienced and how it felt. (20 seconds)

b) Explain two strategies one can use to overcome the anxiety from Bevan and the videos (30 seconds), and then

c) explain what you will gain from improving in this area. Use the words “Bevan” or “Abrahams” to indicate you are using them, as is required.  (30 seconds)

· Conclusion – Restate your key points, highlighting why your points and content from Bevan is so important professionally. (20 to 30 seconds)

Step 4 – Review your plan

When you are done with writing your outline, review the grading rubric again and ensure you have done everything you can to score as distinguished in each area.

Step 5 – Prepare your space to do the presentation

· Avoid any distractions that might be behind you in the screen, such as kids playing or curtains waving in the wind.

· Make sure there is enough light on you.  There is more advice on this in the “how to make a good video” document in the “resources” box.

· Make sure there is no noise in your environment.

Step 6 – To do the presentation

· Practice several times to test the sound levels and what you look like.  Make sure you are talking directly into your microphone so the audience can hear you.

· To access the Canvas recorder, click “Reply” in the forum.  Now, click the icon that looks like a play button.  It is the tenth icon on the second row.

· Your computer might ask if it can use your webcam.  Say “allow” or “yes.”  You should see your shiny face immediately.

· If the camera doesn’t appear when you click the icon above, try restarting your browser and logging into Canvas again.  You can also try a different browser.  If you continue to have issues, contact tech support by clicking “help” in the classroom or calling.

· Click “start recording.”

· Click “finish” when you are done.  Your browser might say a network is slow.  Just wait it out and, if given the option, click “wait”.  If you are over 3 minutes, record again, as your instructor does not have to watch after 3 minutes.

· Click “save.”  It might take some time, but it will save.  Close (x out) the record screen and leave the tab on your screen open until it uploads.  It could take up to 30 minutes but shouldn’t take longer than that.

· If you feel you stumbled over your words or didn’t make enough eye contact, re-do the video.  But don’t do it too many times. This is not a public speaking class, so we will be generous in our assessment of your presentation skills! Just make sure you cover all the required elements!

· Be sure to look directly into the camera and have yourself positioned so we can see about mid-chest up to at least the top of your head.

· If you don’t like what you’ve done you can always erase it by hitting the delete button or simply clicking “cancel” on the discussion box (next to “post reply”).

· If you absolutely can’t get the recording to work in Canvas, please record a video through other means and post an MP4 attachment to the video file.

Step 7 – During the presentation 

· Avoid reading from a script. Use your “outline” to guide you.  Just use bullet points.

· Be confident and have fun!

Step 8 – After you are done 

· Copy and paste your outline into the discussion forum box.

· Don’t forget to click “post reply.”

· After you have “posted,” look at the discussion box to ensure the video is there.

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