Interventionist May Use Intervention

Interventionist May Use Intervention

Applying Maximum Pleasure to Exercise in a Case Scenario

Part One: Students will create a case scenario based on one of the explore areas in Section II of this course. In other words the client they create the scenario for could be suffering from any of the areas explored in Section II, such as: 

  • Stress, Fatigue, and/or Pain Issues
  • Anxiety, Depression, and/or Sleep  Issues
  • Affect, Mood, Emotion and/or Cognitive Issues
  • Self-Esteem, Self-Perceptions, Personality, Self-Concept and/or Body Image Issues

Again, students should select one or more of these areas, review the Module where these issues were discussed and create a case scenario for this assignment. 

Part Two: After presenting their case scenario in the assignment, students will then answer the following question based on their case scenario: 

  • How will you maximize pleasure in exercise for your presented case scenario client? In other words, use the ideas discussed from the Reading in this module and present a summary of how you use these ideas to assemble a plan for your client to maximize their pleasure during exercise that can ensure their continued adherence!

Part Three: In addition, Chapter 6 showed you how an interventionist may use intervention function of persuasion, modeling and enablement; using Exhibit 6.1 and these feasibility criteria, select BCT’s to target the client in your part one case scenario with intervention functions that will enhance their activity.

  • In other words, on top of part two (maximizing their pleasure in exercise), in this part you also want to include an overview of specific intervention strategies to keep them adhering to their exercise routine.

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