List 4 major prosand 7 major cons associated with entering the Cuban market (40 points)—Nestlé’s Ice Cream case study.

I posted a model of 9 files, read to answer the question, it’s a case study again it’s a case study .

all assignment info in the assignment file uploaded with the question and files .

It has to be :

1-Complete and organized submissions that adhere to all assignment instructions.

2-High quality submissions that clearly demonstrate understanding of course materials.

3-Properly formatted submissions demonstrating professional, college- level tone, no spelling or grammar errors and well- documented sources (when applicable).

Case Study Assignment

List 4 major prosand 7 major cons associated with entering the Cuban market (40 points)—Nestlé’s Ice Cream case study. Expand on each pros and cons in your own words (total 360 words min.) explanation of advantages and disadvantages of a multinational company entering in Cuba, knowledge of regions and country

The Case study —Nestlé’s Ice Cream case study, the question for this week is “List 4 major pros and 7 major cons associated with entering the Cuban market (40 points). Please check out the question for the case study again.
For the content (18 points): I want you to list the 4 major pros and 7 major cons for the Nestle company in Cuba. Again in this case study to answer this please put on your business owner’s hat and think what will be the pros and cons of going into Cuba.
For the application (18 points): Expand on each pro and cons in your own words. For 4 major pros the min word limits is 180 words; for 7 major cons the minimum word limit is 180. The total word limit will be 360 minimum when all set and done. Do not write to fill the word limit. That is, writing has to have meaning.
Explain what the advantages are for Nestle being in Cuba; what are the potential problems for Nestle being in Cuba. You will use your knowledge of the trade, foreign direct investment, country, Cuba, region, and Nestle a multinational company.
Organization and grammar make final 4 points.

read all directions right and don’t need more of writing that doesn’t need I need points  important information

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