Local Kansas City Stations

Local Kansas City Stations

NPR: The Radio Hour

Write a paragraph about your impressions of radio BEFORE you tune in for this assignment. How often do you listen to the radio? What is your favorite station? How do you think your impressions of the radio differ from that of someone the age of your parents? How do you think your impressions of the radio differ from that of someone in their early teens?

Find National Public Radio on the radio. Local Kansas City stations include 89.3 and 91.5. Tune in and listen to one hour of NPR.

 ***You must include a newscast in your listening time (usually the newscasts happen on the hour). You need to listen to it on the radio or on a live broadcast, otherwise you won’t hear the commercials. 

Take notes about what commercials were played and what you noticed about listening to the radio news as opposed to watching TV news or news off the internet. Compare and contrast how the news was presented. Did it make a difference that you had no visuals to go with the radio newscast? Did you find yourself focusing MORE on the radio news or LESS?

Go to the NPR.org website. What are the lead stories on the website? What catches your eye? Why does it catch your eye?

Radio has tried to appeal to a younger audience by offering podcasts. Find the “All Things Considered” podcast. Listen to one of the recent shows and report on the stories you heard.

https://www.npr.org/programs/all-things-considered/ (Links to an external site.)

Write five or six paragraphs about your radio experience and submit it to  CANVAS .  Minimum 300 words, Maximum 1000 words.

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