Major Cost Areas Schedule

Major Cost Areas Schedule

 Use the attached documents for the presentation contents

Content requirements:

  • Cover slide:         
    • Your project’s name
    • Your first and last names
    • The date (could be just the month and year)
    • Client name if appropriate to your project
  • Content slides:         
    • Create 1–2 slides for each of the following, and present them in this order:                 
      • Project summary: Include why the project was needed
      • Cost overview: Major cost areas
      • Schedule explanation: Main milestones and timing
      • Stakeholders
      • Development and completion: Show parts of your  diagrams or screenshots to show how the project progressed. If the work  is available for review online, include the URL.
      • Lessons learned: Explain what went very well and what could have been done better.
      • Training: Briefly describe training the end-user  will need to effectively use your project’s results. While some  technology might seem intuitive (not needing training), consider that  “training” can also mean a FAQs page, user responsibilities (such as you  might find in an Acceptable Use Policy), or any documentation that  would be logical to share with end-users.
  • Final slide:         
    • Your name and contact information (PG email is sufficient)

Audio requirements:

  • Content:         
    • Explain the content on the slides. Do not read the slides.
    • Prepare a transcript before recording.                 
      • Retrieve the transcript template and ensure that the audio matches the transcript when you submit your work to the Dropbox.
    • Audio is not required for the cover or final slide.

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