ow does Mirabelli begin his article?

  1. Answer question 1 on page 317 of Writing About Writing (at the end of Mirabelli’s article): “How does Mirabelli begin his article? What can you infer from it about his intended audience(s) and purpose(s) from the way he begins? What are the effects for his audience of the way he begins?”
  2. Answer question 1 on page 347 of Writing About Writing (at the end of Klass’s short essay): “Klass describes entering the hospital as a medical student ‘in a state of primeval innocence’ but quickly learning all the ‘endless jargon and abbreviations’ (para. 2). What she is describing is the process of enculturating into a discourse community. How does this kind of enculturation happen in general?”
  3. Choose any other discussion question featured at the ends of Mirabelli’s and Klass’s contributions to Writing About Writing, then answer it. Include the chosen question with your response.
  4. Name one concept from this lesson that you most struggle(d) to understand. What about this concept, term, or idea is troublesome? What do you currently think it means, whether you feel certain or not?

Answer at least 3 questions with, at minimum, a 3-5 sentence paragraph. In-depth, thoughtful, and careful responses are encouraged. Be specific where possible. Label your answers so readers know which questions you are responding to.

When it’s time to respond to your peers’ answers, respond to at least two peers. Your responses should also contain a few sentences per question, at the least. Respond as completely as you can. One-word or generic responses are not appropriate here. Your responses should contribute something new to the conversation.

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