Perform Job Tasks Including

Perform Job Tasks Including

This assignment helps you apply your knowledge from this week’s modules and textbook readings.

Employers in the healthcare industry expect employees to have mathematical knowledge and skills to perform job tasks including properly managing data, records, inventory, and prescriptions.


Mathematical VocabularyUse chapters 10 and 11 of your textbook to define the following vocabulary.

1.    Define: Variable expression     

Type answer here

2.    Define: Variable     

Type answer here

3.     Define: Equation     

Type answer here

4.    Define: Rational number    

Type answer here

5.    Define: Positive numbers     

Type answer here

6.    Define: Negative numbers     

Type answer here

7.    Define: Absolute value of a number    

Type answer here

Algebraic EquationsUsing chapters 10 and 11 of your textbook, solve the following problems. Show your work.

8.    Solve for y: 

24 = 3y

Type answer here

9.    Solve for n:   56n=10

Type answer here

10.  Solve for z:  

2 + 8 – z = -24

Type answer here

11.  Solve for E : 


m = 3

c = 6

Type answer here

          Translating Verbal Expressions into Mathematical Expressions

           Refer to chapter 11 of your textbook.

12.   Translate “the sum of 6 and the product of 8 and x” into a mathematical expression.  

Type answer here

            Rational Numbers

Using chapter 10 of your textbook, solve the following problems. Show your work, if needed.

13.  What is the absolute value of I -32 I?  

Type answer here

14.  ______ is the opposite of 6 on the number line. 

Word Problems

Complete the following word problems. Show your work for each.

15.  Jerome is a co-owner of a small company and received 1/3 of the company’s profits this year. What were the company’s overall profits if Jerome made $150,000? Type an equation and solve.        

Type answer here

16.  A survey of 2,000 doctors showed that an average of 3 out of 5 doctors use brand X aspirin.  How many doctors use brand X aspirin? (Hint: Solve for X).          

Type answer here

Word Problem

What is the prescribed dosage of a certain medicine for a 6-year-old child if the adult dosage of

the medicine is 180 milligrams?

The formula below is used to calculate the correct dosage for a child:

C= aa+12  ∙ A

C = child’s dosage in milligrams

a = age of the child

A = adult dosage in milligrams

17.   What does variable “a” represent?    

Type answer here

18.  What does variable “A” represent?     

Type answer here

19.  Using the formula above, solve for “C”. Show your work. 

 Type answer here

Reflection Reflect on what you have learned this week to help you respond to the following question. You may choose to respond in writing or by recording a video!

20.  You may already use algebra in your daily life. How do you imagine that you will use basic algebraic equations in your healthcare career? Explain.         Type answer here 

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