Please Find Attached Phase

Please Find Attached Phase

  • Identify a set of technology issues or concerns associated with a real-world information technology infrastructure.
  • Explore potential solutions to varying types of real-life technology issues in the business environment.
  • Design a solution that will resolve an identified technology issue.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use appropriate communication strategies to convey a solution to a real-life technology issue.


  1. This is Phase 2 of your final capstone project.
  2. Refer to the Capstone Project Guide as needed.
  3. Prepare an outline of your project paper. Base the outline on the Capstone Project Template. You may use the template and embed the outline into each template section. You must include an outline bullet for each major and minor idea in each section (the bullets would be taken out in the final paper).
  4. The assignment submission should also include all the references you intend to use in the paper. Place your references in the template under the reference section. No annotations should be included at this stage of the outline. Your references must be in compliance with APA 7th edition. A total of 10 or more references should be used in the paper.
    1. For questions on APA style, go to the OCLS APA Style Page.
  5. Note: At this point, you are halfway through the course. Although this assignment is an outline of the paper, you should have begun to develop sections of the paper. It is not required that you include details of sections, but you may do so.

Please find attached Phase 1 of the paper

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