Please Utilize Mostly Scholarly

Please Utilize Mostly Scholarly


Choose a specific population, examine cultural issues that might impact their choice to access, maintain use or engagement in psychotherapy, and create a presentation for your peers. 


  1. Choose your population – Choose one you are not, necessarily, familiar with but this population would be salient to your practice. 
  2. Research what cultural issues have been found to impact access, engagement, and use of psychotherapy. Please utilize mostly scholarly sources. 
  3. Create a PowerPoint presentation (4-5 slides – not including title and references). (you are not required to have voice-over) 
  4. Include the following slides: 
  • Title Slide 
  • Why Cultural Issues are Important in Psychotherapy? 
  • Factors Impacting Access, Engagement, and the Use of Psychotherapy 
  • (Define Your Population) (address social, cultural, spiritual, language, economics, familial traditions, etc…) 
  • Addition info 
  • References

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