Post 2 Questions Onto

Post 2 Questions Onto




  • Post 2 questions onto the discussion board for other groups to answer based on your TOPIC (can be content based questions or based from reading the article posted, but students must be able to answer using either the news article or their notes from class/textbook). These questions can be questions that you are unsure of! That way, your classmates can help you clarify information.
    • Make sure to clarify if your question is from the ARTICLE or class notes.

 Format of the post: 


  • Topic assigned: 
  • Link to the article: 
  • Where the study was conducted (usually a university or company): 
  • Who the researchers were: 
  • What were the main findings: 
  • Why you think society should care about this finding – why is it important to us?
  • Question #1:
  • Question #2

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