Powerpoint Slide Deck

Powerpoint Slide Deck

please come prepared to present a 10-15 minute, interactive training. We know that in 10-15 minutes you are unable to do a full training. This training is meant to share a sample of how you work.

The directions are below:

1. Choose one of the topics listed here: a leadership skill, giving and receiving feedback, choose  value to highlight, or a topic of your choosing.

2. Integrated into the topic will be content or activity in a) support of  antiracist approach to work and/or b) in support of the strategic transformation to eliminate health inequities in Oregon by 2030. 

3. Include supportive materials in your mini-training such as a) a PowerPoint slide deck, b) a workbook sample, and/or c) a handout.

note please follow the instructions carefully. 

thank you 

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