Proper temperatures in kitchen, refrigeration, freezer, and storage areas along with a working thermometer kept at all times

September 17, 2018

Ms. Creshma Thomas

Chief Operations Office

Premier Dining Group

Dear Ms Thomas,

You had asked me to write a preliminary report on the restaurant in Canoe and determine whether or not it was complying with all of the regulations of restaurants in Los Angeles County.  I just visited Canoe and noticed that while the kitchen was particularly clean, there were some areas of the restaurant that raised concerns and did not comply with the regulations of Los Angeles County.

The regulations that I inspected were:

– Proper temperatures in kitchen, refrigeration, freezer, and storage areas along with a working thermometer kept at all times

– Proper hygiene of kitchen staff

– Proper food preparation including cleaning and sanitation of equipment between use

– Proper labeling, wrapping, and sealing of stored packages

The first thing I noticed in Canoe was the temperature of the food preparation areas.  The appropriate temperatures for a refrigerator and freezer are below 38 degrees F and below 0 degrees F, respectively.  However, neither the refrigerator or freezer had a thermometer, which violates the grading ordinance for Los Angeles County.  I was also unable to determine if the refrigerator and freezer were at the correct temperatures without a thermometer.

The temperature in the kitchen was also concerning, and noticeably warm.  The temperature read 73 degrees F, which is within the “danger zone” according to the grading ordinance.  Also, there was a turkey defrosting on the counter rather than being placed under running water at the proper temperature of 70 degrees F or below.

The next observation I noticed needs improvement is the hygiene of the kitchen staff.  The entire staff was wearing clean uniforms and gloves, however, none of the staff were wearing a hair net, which also goes against the grading ordinance.

The most pressing concern I observed was the complete disregard for cleaning and sanitation of equipment when cutting potentially harmful meats such as beef and chicken.  The cook’s assistant chopped beef for a soup and then used the same knife to chop chicken without cleaning it first.  As I said, these meats are potentially harmful when raw, and using the same equipment immediately after a previous use may cause cross contamination.

The last thing I checked was the proper storing of food items.  This is clearly laid out in the grading ordinance used by Los Angeles County officials.  While the items in the refrigerator were clean, well organized, and in sealed containers, the items themselves were not labeled or dated, which they should have been to meet the requirements of the regulations.  However, the dry storage room met all of the regulation requirements.

The results of my inspection show areas where Canoe does not meet the requirements of the Los Angeles County grading ordinance, these areas can all be improved through the following changes:

– Adding a thermometer to the refrigerator and freezer areas, post a notice regarding proper temperatures of these areas, and train employees on the appropriate methods of frozen food preparation.

– Require all kitchen staff employees to wear a hair net.

– Train everyone who handles food, including the manager, on the proper cleaning methods of kitchen equipment.  Also, ensure the staff has all the supplies necessary to make these changes.

– Add identification labels to the items in the refrigerator and freezer, and add the date received.

After all of these changes have been implemented, I believe that Canoe will be in compliance with all of the standards set by Los Angeles County regulations.

Please contact me with any questions.  My phone number is 570-333-1111 and my email is


John Doe

Manager, Aqua Malibu

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