Proverbs Represent Philosophical Thought

Proverbs Represent Philosophical Thought

Make a list of the proverbs you chose and include the cultural origin for each one.

  • In your first paragraph describe your list to your classmates.
  • Did they all come from the same region or are they from different regions? Explain
    • Can they all apply to your life today? If not, which ones apply? Explain
  • In your second paragraph, reflect on how these proverbs represent philosophical thought.
    • Were any of the 5 you chose presenting inductive or deductive reasoning to make their point? Which ones and how?
    • What does it mean for the proverbs you chose to have survived through the centuries? Explore in detail

You will not need research in any of your response posts, but if you choose to use credible sources, please make sure you provide in-text citations and reference entries in APA format.

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