Read the three post below and on a SEPARATE piece of paper answer the questions for all three post? Each post has its own answer and word min is 75 words. Evaluate the explanations that your classmates have presented in light of the material from the chapter attached 6. Use chapter 6 as your only reference.

Read the three post below and on a SEPARATE piece of paper answer the questions for all three post? Each post has its own answer and word min is 75 words. Evaluate the explanations that your classmates have presented in light of the material from the chapter attached 6. Use chapter 6 as your only reference.

· Is there anything about their explanation that you feel does not account for all of the data?

· Does their explanation is plausible in light of everything else that is known about the world?

· What other explanation might better or more simply explain the issue in question?

1. The topic I chose is on the late great rapper known to everyone as Nipsey Hussle. He was gunned down last week in the parking lot of his clothing store in South, Los Angeles.  This topic is interesting because  at the time of his death Nipsey Hussle was in the process of filming, a documentary on a Honduran herbalist named Dr. Sebi who died 3 years ago from pneumonia while in custody of Honduran authorities after his arrest on money-laundering charges.  The reason Nipsey was interested in Dr. Sebi’s story is that Dr. Sebi claimed that he could cure patients of HIV/AIDS with an alkaline diet that he discovered.  Many people believe that Dr. Sebi did not die because of he was sick, but he was killed for his claim to have a cure for AIDS.  If his claim was indeed true, it had the potential to disrupt the financial profits of pharmaceutical, medical and regulatory agencies.  This is why currently there is a conspiracy surrounding Nipsey’s death. People are saying that the Government had something to do with it.

The other side of this argument is that Nipsey’s murder was over a dispute with a young man from his neighborhood.  Although Nipsey was considered to be a hero in his community and a huge influence in the rap game.  He grew up in the streets of L.A. where street violence is common and unfortunately, he became a victim to it.

I am not a huge fan of conspiracy theories.  I do not believe he died because he was doing a documentary on Dr. Sebi’s claim to have a cure for AIDS.  I believe that Nipsey’s demise was out of jealousy and envy of individuals that he kept in his circle. The young man who’s seen on camera shooting Nipsey was captured two days later but pleaded not guilty to committing the murder.  The only hole in my theory is that the accused murderer is saying that he was not the person on the video. Paul

2. The topic I have chosen for this discussion post is being a young single mother. I chose this specific topic one because I can relate to it, two because it is both interesting and controversial. Many believe having a child at a young age before you have accomplished goals or what society believes you should have accomplished than your life is over or you will never reach your dreams. A social scientist himself that the kids that are raised by single mothers are doomed. I have provided his words below as a example.

Argument 1: Children of single mothers, he argued, are more likely to end up as pregnant teens, or in jail, or otherwise in trouble (Wilcox, 2013).

Argument 2: Children raised by single mothers tend to end up having more respect for elders, responsibility and ultimately have more motivation.

We can question these documents like where was this information found and was it proven. Also this is a great theory because who is to say it is the single mothers fault if the child does not come out to be what society calls successful, what if it was the area he lives in, the kids he goes to school with because of poor choices that were made or things of that sort.

References:  Hardy, J., Foster, C., & Zúñiga y Postigo, G. (2015). With good reason: A guide to critical thinking. Retrieved from

3. The topic I have chosen is the belief in life after death. The question of whether we survive death is one of the big questions of human life. The argument goes back and forth on the topic. Does the possibility really exist or not? If it does exist, do we know that it exists? A thing can obviously exist without our knowing it. Is there scientific or logical proof? These are just a few questions that get brought up with any argument where there are only small amounts of physical proof. I think it depends on what kinds of proof you will accept. It cannot be proved like a mathematical equations; nor can it be observed, like a virus. If life after death cannot be proved scientifically, is it then foolish to accept it? Only if you assume that it is foolish to accept anything that cannot be proved scientifically. But that premise is self-contradictory (and therefore irresponsible)! “We can ask questions such as ‘does it agree well with human knowledge, is it non circular, and is it testable? (Hardy, J. 2015).”

Argument 1: Since there is no conclusive evidence for life after death, it is as foolish to believe it as if we were to believe in UFOs, or Magic.

This argument though sound in science can also be considered weak. Just because there is no evidence now, doesn’t mean that down the road there will not be.

Argument 2: since there are many similar stories of experiences from individuals from all over the world of seeing either loved ones or strangers in spirit form, it must be true.

The argument leaves room for interpretation. Human beings tend to carry on with legends or folklore, almost every culture has a story that keeps kids up at night. Whether to make them behave or to warn them of the real dangers in life.

I believe what I see, in that what my senses tell me is around me. I have had experiences I may not be able to fully explain, but I know that it wasn’t my imagination. When two random individuals have similar experiences years apart without ever hearing each other’s accounts. Then later find out they each saw the same thing. It does beg the question, especially when the details match.

The holes in my theory is how can I prove something only I saw or that only a handful of us saw. It would help to have evidence of an apparition or ghost, to have it on video or a photo. To have something other than testimony given verbally.Modzen

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